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Exponel specializes in the procurement and supply of a wide range of quality products and services for the oil, gas, petrochemical and power generation industries.



Exponel is the right fit for today’s procurement. We provide solutions for virtually every segment of the projects. 

At Exponel we are performance. We are Products. We are Solutions and that's why our customers have found that we are the right fit for all their needs.

Our mission is to partner with our suppliers to provide integrated solutions to our customers and ensure the success of all our stakeholders.

Our most important objective is to become an extension of any business wanting to streamline their procurement demands. Our scope of services also covers the projection of your business in foreign markets.

Exponel is familiar with all Project Management concerns

In the procurement phase you need to buy from the best vendor in order to meet the technical requirements, with, of course, the cheapest possible price. You also need to control the progress, quality, payment, budget and technical documents up to and including the point of delivery.

Exponel offers a procurement management solution and operation to remove all these concerns and make life much easier for project managers.

Apart from general procurement services, Exponel also offers to provide a package of piping material. In carrying out large projects and petrochemical plants it is of primary importance to optimize human resources and minimize costs. So that both needs can be met, Exponel has specialized in the technique of "package supplies", which is a purchase contract including several similar products – pipes, fitting, flanges and valves – merged into a single order document.

Our strategic location in Dubai gives Exponel more value, being in the middle of Europe and Asia.